DESTROY® Guarantee


We realize there are hundreds of companies that make claims about their pest and odor control products,and most of the time, these claims end up being false.

                                                                     At DESTROY®, Our Guarantee To You is Simple:

If DESTROY does not eliminate odors and solve your fruit and drain fly problems better than any products you have ever used, simply call our toll free number and we will give your money back over the phone, minus shipping, no questions asked.

We offer this guarantee for one simple reason. DESTROY® PRODUCTS DELIVER. Our products have solved odor and drain fly problems in restaurants, hotels, dog day care centers, hospitals, construction sites, waster water treatment plants, veterninary clinics, RV parks, marinas and thousands of homes and businesses all over the country.

There are no return forms to fill out, or return authorization numbers needed. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply call the number below for an immediate refund.

Customer Support Line (888) 588-8390

Thanks for Choosing Destroy® Products!



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